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Experience silky smooth razor sharp detail in moving images

Experience silky smooth razor sharp detail in moving images

Projectors designed and manufactured by Norxe are a perfect match for demanding multi-channel applications with high resolution and fast-moving content. Continuing a legacy of more than 30 years within the projector industry, Norxe designs and manufactures projectors for the simulator industry. Our projectors provide stunning visuals in simulators within all types of demanding mission critical […]

Introducing White Point Tracking by Norxe from dusk to dawn

Introducing White Point Tracking by Norxe from dusk to dawn

With WPT™ it is possible to maintain a projector’s white point integrity whilst simultaneously adjusting RGB Power and iris for contrast and black level enhancement. All Norxe projectors feature WPT™ as standard. A mechanical iris in the light path can be used to efficiently improve the black level and contrast performance in a projector. Sacrificing […]

Reiser Simulation choose Norxe for Level-D

Reiser Simulation choose Norxe for Level-D

Norxe is pleased to announce that the H145 Full-Flight Simulator (Level-D FFS) located in the Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter (NCCH), Stavanger, Norway,  uses our P1 projectors to deliver their visual content. Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST), Berg, Germany developed the H145 Full-Flight Simulator including a full NVIS compatible replicated H145 helicopter cockpit and simulated Helionix® Step 2 avionics […]

Tecnobit Select Norxe

We are proud to announce that the Artillery Academy of Segovia (Academia de Artillería de Segovia) have successfully upgraded their visual system of the Field Artillery Simulator (SIMACA) using our P1 projectors. The upgrade was carried out by Spanish company Tecnobit of the Oesía Group, with Ingevideo providing consulting and support. In addition to Norxe’s […]

Norxe selected for Stellarium Erkrath upgrade

Norxe are proud to announce that Sky-Skan Europe GmbH has chosen the P1 WQXGA projector for the Stellarium Erkrath upgrade. Over the coming months Sky-Skan Europe will integrate five P1 WQXGA projectors each using the Norxe N1 lens ensuring a state-of-the-art finished solution. Glenn Smith, Managing Director of Sky-Skan Europe GmbH Seeshaupt Germany comments, “We’ve […]

norxenet Now Available

Norxe release their own bespoke control and calibration software for the P1 projector family. At Norxe we have many years of experience supporting our customers with the intricacies of high end projector installations. Whether the desired result is a single image to a specific color space or a complex multi-channel installation with a precise common […]

P1 Now With Embedded INFITEC

The only projector with a truly solid-state LED driven light engine currently utilising the Infitec 3D system Whether your application is a large design wall, the viewing of intricate seismic data sets or an immersive ride within a visitor attraction, stereoscopic visuals can be vitally important to your understanding and immersion of the images that […]

Norxe at Infocomm

Just over one week ago a small team from the innovative new Norwegian projector manufacturer Norxe attended Infocomm for the very first time! ( Espen Olsen (VP Global Sales & Co-founder), Craig Maddock (Director Product & Support & Co-founder), Iain Ambler (Head of Business Development UK) and newly appointed Javier Delgado (Head of Business Development […]

Norxe expands to Asia and America

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 7 JUNE 2017 Norxe announces expansion of operations to Asia and the Americas Philip Hay and Javier Delgado appointed Heads of Business Development Fredrikstad, Norway  Norxe is pleased to announce the expansion of its business operations into Asia and the Americas. Through this expansion, Norxe strengthens […]