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What is DLP® (Digital Light Processing)?

Digital Light Processing (DLP) is a display technology developed in 1987 by Texas Instruments. It is based on an optical technology that uses a digital micromirror device (DMD), and is a set of chipsets with different performance characteristics. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments was the inventor of the system, and found its way into the […]

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Financial gain and reduced operational risk: Benefits of night vision simulation training

Many tactical live missions often take place at night, and night missions are difficult and dangerous, and the reason why you need to train to operate in these conditions. Actual training at night time is both costly and in many cases dangerous. Operations at night use Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and it is crucial that your team get acquainted with using the goggles in a safe environment – the night vision simulator. 

What are the benefits of a solid-state light source in a projector?

One of the most important components in a projector is the light source. The choice of light source highly impacts cost and service requirements. Today, many projectors are using a solid-state light source such as LED and laser, which gives a lot of benefits, compared to the more traditionally used lamps.


What factors in a projector affect uptime and reliability?

In applications that use projection, uptime and reliability are two of the most important requirements. In simulation & training many systems need to be available 24/7 and have a schedule for planned downtime. Is the projector designed for 24/7 use?  When selecting a projector for 24/7 applications, the projector needs to be designed for this […]

How can selecting the right projector reduce operating costs in a simulator?

In a simulator, one of the key components is the projection system. Not only because it is the component that creates the actual image on the screen, but also because it is a crucial factor when it comes to ease of installation, up-time, serviceability and total cost of ownership. In this article we will cover […]


Choosing the right projector: Superb Image Quality and Longevity

In mission critical environments of training and simulation; color and light output stability over the lifetime of the projector are important factors. Simulators are often multi-channel systems and differences in color and light output between adjacent projectors must be kept to a minimum. What factors influence the color and light stability of a projector? The […]

Join us in person at DSET 24 – 26 May 2021

Norxe will be at DSET, Ashton Gate – Bristol 24-26 May Projectors for demanding applications. Norxe is pioneering high brightness LED and Laser technology. The result of this innovation is a High Brightness, Low Maintenance, Superior color and true Solid-State projector. Perfect for physically demanding applications and difficult installation where maintenance needs to be reduced […]


Vi søker Senior Embedded Softwareutvikler

Norxe AS vokser og trenger stadig flere dyktige medarbeidere til å utvikle projektorer for det profesjonelle markedet. Vi designer, utvikler og produserer markedsledende projektorer for det profesjonelle markedet og leverer produkter til applikasjoner verden over. Sluttbrukere av våre produkter er store aktører innen militær og sivil fly-industri, bilindustri, F1-racing og andre krevende markeder. Vi holder […]


The Norxe N3 (SuperWide) lens is now available for order and shipment

N series lens options are designed specifically for the P1, P1+ and P2 projectors. Lens Part Number, Description & Throw Ratio: Focus, zoom (where applicable) & Iris on all lens options is motorized. Stepper motors are used throughout to ensure high degree positional accuracy. Lens Shift Parameters: Lens Shift values provided assume 50% is on […]