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Ansible Motion DIL simulator cross-product compatibility

Learn how static and dynamic Ansible Motion Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulator products work together seamlessly to support vehicle product development workflows.

Rheinmetall’s Advanced Nautical Simulator with cutting-edge projector technology from Norxe

Rheinmetall’s ship handling simulation product line, the “Advanced Nautical Simulator” (ANS), is recognized as one of the most advanced and comprehensive simulators available. By incorporating Norxe’s high-quality projectors, particularly the Norxe P2, Rheinmetall creates immersive and realistic training environments for ship bridge simulators. The advanced technology of the P2 projector delivers crystal-clear images with vibrant […]

Virtual Production with Nerdforge & William Faucher and P2

Virtual Production is a method used in the film and entertainment industry to create digital environments and effects. It involves the use of advanced technology such as virtual cameras, motion capture systems, and virtual sets to integrate real actors and objects with digital elements. In the film, we can see how Vjus combines knowledge, skills, […]

Can driving simulators reflect reality?

Driving simulators have always attempted to connect real people with imaginary vehicles. The fundamental principle is not new; however, the technology used to make this happen is a moving target. Read Ansible Motions article about: Can driving simulators reflect reality?

State-of-the-art platform at Deakin University

In this installation, our projectors are utilized, refining the $9 million state-of-the-art platform to deliver an immersive and realistic driving simulation experience. This cutting-edge setup can be configured to simulate various environmental and vehicular conditions, providing users with an unparalleled level of immersion.

German youtuber testing the human centrifuge from AMST, projected by our P50 High-G native 4K projector.

Jean Pierre Kraemer, the popular German YouTuber known as JP Performance, recently underwent a challenging test in the human centrifuge. The Norxe P50 High-G-projected VISIM IG displayed impressive technological prowess as Kraemer pulled an incredible 9 Gs. Not every civilian can handle the extreme physical demands of this test. This advanced fast-jet pilot training simulator […]

The Future of Filmmaking includes Norxe P2

Virtual Production has become increasingly popular among the film and television industry, as exemplified by hit titles like The Mandalorian, The Batman, and Dune that have incorporated this cutting-edge technology. In keeping with the ever-evolving nature of technology, seasoned producers like Vjus are utilizing the Norxe Projector P2 to further enhance their productions. If you’re […]

Indra selects Norxe P50 projectors for the AIRBUS MRTT Simulator, 1-DLP native 4K resolution

Ivan Santafe, Director of Business Development Southern Europe and Middle East comments; “It has been a very positive experience for Norxe, the fact that one of our main partners has trusted us again for the implementation of the new native 4K projectors. At all times during the development phase of the projector, Indra has been […]