Experience silky smooth razor sharp detail in moving images

Experience silky smooth razor sharp detail in moving images

Projectors designed and manufactured by Norxe are a perfect match for demanding multi-channel applications with high resolution and fast-moving content. Continuing a legacy of more than 30 years within the projector industry, Norxe designs and manufactures projectors for the simulator industry. Our projectors provide stunning visuals in simulators within all types of demanding mission critical applications.

Illuminated by LED and LASER diodes, all Norxe projectors produce vibrant colours, are motion platform compatible up to 13G, can be rotated freely in all directions and require almost no maintenance. All Norxe projectors use DLP technology for stability, accurate colour reproduction and reliability over time. With our latest development, we now also support refresh rates up to 240Hz for critical applications where fast-moving content is required to be sharp and free of image artefacts.

Low latency and 240Hz processing are key parameters in a successful simulation setup. At 240Hz, the response time of the P1+ WUXGA is fast enough to take full advantage of the increased refresh rate eliminating motion blur to an indiscernible level. The experienced responsive feel of a 240Hz system increases motion clarity over 120Hz, reduces user fatigue and brings a real added value to any system with fast moving content.

An industry leading feature list accompanies the P1+ WUXGA.

  • Single DLP optical design
  • Full Solid-State light source delivering 3000 RGB lumens
  • 240Hz @ WUXGA resolution with 8-bit processing
  • WPT TM White Point Tracking
  • 7 colour calibration for multi-channel alignment
  • 100,000-hour lifetime
  • 115,000-hour MTBF
  • 5-year standard warranty, extendable to 10 years.

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