Unify™  –  Easy & intuitive integration of advanced visual system

 Unify – The New Norxe Electronics Platform 

  • 4K Native @ 240Hz
  • Embedded Warp and Blend
  • Quad DP1.4 For Legacy and Future 4K Applications 
  • Prepared for Resolutions Beyond 4K 
  • Constant Light, Constant Color, WPT 


The new Unify™ electronics platform from Norxe is designed to support both high-resolution and high-speed image processing simultaneously. With unprecedented bandwidth, it has the power to process 4K, 6K and 8K content and in addition comes with a powerful embedded warp and blend engine.  


Unify electronics includes four DisplayPort 1.4 inputs as standard and can support a multitude of input/output configurations. For optimal application flexibility and IG agnostic performance and setup, the platform comes with built-in warp and blend functionality. Easy access to the warp and blend API allows for compatibility with commercial and proprietary solutions for camera assisted geometry correction. 

With great bandwidth comes opportunity and flexibility. Unify electronics is powerful enough to support native 4K at 240Hz and can also drive a pixel-shifted system to 6K or 8K.  

In addition to the raw processing power, Unify is equipped with a suite of essential tools for multichannel installations in demanding applications: 

  • P7 color calibration 
  • CLO for constant light output 
  • WPT/CCO for constant color and white point 
  • MSR for suppression of motion artifacts 
  • IR for NVG stimulation 


The 4K Native product range consists of the projector models P50, P60 both equipped with Unify electronics.