Norxe P1 projectors bring training to life at STAR Center

In July 2018, Electric Picture Display Systems (EPDS) finalized the projection system upgrade for the 360º Full Mission (Class “A”) Bridge Simulator at American Maritime Officers (AMO) Simulation, Training, Assessment & Research (STAR) Center in Dania Beach, Florida. EPDS and the STAR Center chose Norxe P1 projectors for the 9 channel system. At over 16 feet tall and 25 feet wide each projected channel looks amazingly bright and crisp, providing high resolution images that offer detailed imagery for training of the marine pilots.

The P1 projectors replaced three-chip DLP, dual-lamp, 6500 lumen projectors that were reaching end of life.

The 9 projectors were blended and warped using Scalable Display Technologies application software, and night scenes utilized Electric Picture’s patented Mantis PictureBlend motorized masking. Thanks to P1’s powerful LED dimming technology and 32 step iris, small-area contrast can increase to >7000:1. For training scenes at night, dusk and dawn this is critical to recognize potential navigational hazards.

Highly accurate color calibration was performed using Norxe’s “norxenet” calibration tool, which the STAR center personnel are trained in using for eventual system re-calibration, should it be needed.

R.P. Higgins, President of Electric Picture commented: “While 2500 lumens may not seem like much for a large display, the LED illuminated image looked stunning. Red and green buoys can be easily detected from great distances. There is no red loss that one encounters with lamp/color-wheel processing. There also has been no need for color rebalancing due to extreme long life of LEDs since the display was installed 6 months ago.”

Brian Long, Director at STAR Center commented: “The upgraded projection system will reduce our cost of ownership. The Norxe P1 projectors use true solid state technology. Power consumption is low, and there is minimal heat build-up. Additionally the projectors provide extended service intervals, as well as a 5-year standard warranty. What’s not to like!”

Brian added: “Pre and post-sales support from Norxe has been excellent throughout. Always timely, efficient and courteous … We are delighted with the outcome.”

About STAR Center

STAR Center is a not-for-profit (501 (c) (3)) division of the Safety & Education Plan of American Maritime Officers (AMO), the largest maritime labor organization for licensed merchant mariners in the USA. A multi-employer benefit Taft-Hartley trust comprising deck and engine officers serving in the deep sea, Great Lakes and Inland Waters. The primary mission of STAR Center is to train the men and women of AMO, insuring that they are ready in all respects to meet the requirements of the contracted companies and to assist in raise-of-grade and certain professional development training of the active participants of the trust. The school is also the top choice of inland and ocean going professional mariners throughout the world, who are trained at the school on a space available basis as allowed by the Plan rules.

About Electric Picture Display Systems.

Celebrating its 16th year, Electric Picture has been engineering and installing state-of-the-art projection systems for simulators, network ops and command center displays for a wide variety of customers. Electric Picture has earned the trust of many major contractors as a display partner. Located in Melbourne, Florida on Florida’s Space Coast, Electric Picture operates from a modern facility which houses fabrication, demonstration and validation labs, with offices for core company personnel. The company consistently brings the latest innovations to its customers, ensuring complete satisfaction and long term relationships.