norxenet 3.2

norxenet is proprietary software, developed by Norxe for the purpose of providing projector control, calibrate and monitor capability via Local Area Network. norxenet is intuitive to use and is ideally suited to both single and multi-channel projector installations. norxenet is freely available to Norxe Partners.

  • Up to 99 projectors can be controlled, calibrated or monitored simultaneously.
  • Define the projectors manually or automatically, discover all projectors on a network.
  • Create ‘dummy’ projectors and measurement instrument for training, evaluation and remote support purposes.

The latest release includes a much improved User Interface amongst other.


Projectors can be controlled using various interfaces such as command line, script, remote control and menu.

  • Command scripts can be created, stored and retrieved.
  • Settings information can be exported to file for reference and for fault diagnosis purposes.
  • Projector software can be upgraded.

Set a color standard or common color gamut for both single and multi-channel installations.

  • Primary colors (red, green, blue) and secondary colors (cyan, magenta yellow) as well as white can be measured and manipulated.
  • A common color gamut can be calculated and deployed to ensure even colorimetry across all units.
  • A common brightness can be applied to all units.
  • All measured and calculated values can be stored and retrieved via ordinary Windows text files.

Dedicated access to essential projector status & diagnostic information (picture, source, install, night vision, 3D settings, etc.).

About Norxe

Located in Fredrikstad, Norway, Norxe designs, manufactures, and markets unique projectors for demanding applications. Norxe combines in-house engineering expertise in optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. Projectors are built for performance and quality to provide real solid-state day and night vision to exacting standards.