norxenet Now Available

Norxe release their own bespoke control and calibration software for the P1 projector family. At Norxe we have many years of experience supporting our customers with the intricacies of high end projector installations. Whether the desired result is a single image to a specific color space or a complex multi-channel installation with a precise common color gamut the requirement is always the same – the ability to easily and accurately manipulate the colour space and brightness of a projector. Norxe has designed and built norxenet from the ground up catering for the needs of our partners, giving them access to the tools needed to perform incredibly accurate installations while using a piece of software which is both self-intuitive and comprehensive.

George Forbes, President and CEO of Immersive Display Solutions Inc., comments:

“Our IDSI product team was fortunate to have a sneak preview of the Norxenet software at IITSEC at the end of last year. The team at Norxe have obviously spent a lot of effort developing norxenet into a very versatile piece of software which will be invaluable to high-level system integrators such as ourselves. Specifying high performing projectors into a visual system is one thing – but being able to easily, and accurately control and calibrate them into a high quality multi-projector image is another. Norxenet achieves this in a truly professional manner emphasizing ease of use and performance.”

  • Up to 99 projectors can be calibrated, controlled or diagnosed simultaneously.
  • Both primary colors (red, green, blue) and secondary colors (cyan, magenta yellow) as well as white can be measured and manipulated.
  • A common color gamut can be calculated and deployed to ensure even colorimetry across all units
  • Common brightness can be established across all units.
  • Units can be controlled using various interfaces, such as command line, script, remote control and menu.
  • Diagnostics information can be retrieved to monitor revision information, fan speeds and internal temperatures, as well as run-time information.
  • All measured and calculated values can be stored and retrieved in ordinary Windows text files.
  • Command scripts can be created, stored and retrieved.
  • Diagnostics information can be saved to file.

Want a copy?

To obtain a copy of norxenet please login to the “Partners” area of our website and download from the norxenet section. If you do not yet have access to our partner section please contact us at or contact your regional Norxe manager.