P1 Now With Embedded INFITEC

The only projector with a truly solid-state LED driven light engine currently utilising the Infitec 3D system Whether your application is a large design wall, the viewing of intricate seismic data sets or an immersive ride within a visitor attraction, stereoscopic visuals can be vitally important to your understanding and immersion of the images that you see.

Markus Fritz, Managing Director INFITEC GmbH comments,

“I’m proud that Norxe and INFITEC have a first commercially available truly solid state LED projector in combination with the INFITEC 3-D technology. It’s refreshing to work with such an innovative team at Norxe on new projects and such cool things”.

Not only is the P1 capable of being driven to refresh rates of 120Hz enabling a 60Hz per eye stereoscopic frame sequential image but it is also the only projector with a truly solid-state LED driven light engine able to utilise the Infitec color filtering system to acceptable market standards.

Historically LED driven projectors have struggled to achieve sufficient light output to be run in stereo, either at 120Hz frame sequential or even in a passive double stack. This has changed recently with the Norxe P1 and its utilisation of next generation LED technology. The next generation LED’s enable Norxe to manufacture a projector that delivers far more light output than any other projector currently using LED as a light source. Consequently, this means that the P1 can have internally mounted Infitec filters which deliver exceptional stereo separation without the need for a non-depolarising screen and using passive glasses that many people prefer over active stereo glasses.

INFITEC® is a passive 3D technology for projection applications. It is based on separating light into Left and Right eye information by separating colours to create an illusion of image depth and 3D by using Wavelength Multiplex Imaging Technology. Compared to competing technologies, INFITEC® offers superior channel separation and compatibility with any screen and projection surface.


INFITEC GmbH is a technology company located in Gerstetten, Germany. In 1999, INFITEC arose from a research and development project of Daimler AG to overcome the problem of developing fatigue due to long working hours while using 3D glasses. The result of this very successful project was patented as Interference Filter Technology, which created a new standard on the market for 3D visualization systems. During more than a decade of expertise and research, INFITEC held partnership with many companies known for excellence in research and simulation labs around the globe, and received various positive feedbacks on many advantages of their technology, such as:

  • No Ghosting
  • No Fatigue
  • No Special Screen required (projection on any surface)
  • No Hotspots
  • Robust passive glasses