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Maximising ROI: The advantage of virtual testing in automotive engineering by Ansible Motion

Virtual testing enables cost-effective validation of design concepts, efficient exploration of numerous scenarios, and a faster time to market – but how do you make a business case for such an investment? Ansible Motion explains how investment in virtual testing solution provides a significant competitive advantage, while ensuring a strong financial return on investment.

Read about RSi Visuals’ and Norxe’s effort to offer materiel solutions to high-risk training enterprises.

RSi and Norxe provide another instance of a collaborative effort to offer materiel solutions to high-risk training enterprises. Whereas RSi’s business portfolio has an approximate 50%-50% split between the military and commercial aviation training sectors, similarly, Norxe’s projectors are in service at training sites in both markets and in other sectors.  

BBC News looks to our partner, Ansible Motion, to see how simulators provide a tool for car companies to develop new vehicles and conduct testing.

BBC News looks to our partner, Ansible Motion, to see how simulators provide a tool for car companies to develop new vehicles and conduct testing.

Spotlight on the Future of Night Vision Training

Excited for EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023? We sure are! AMST will be showcasing its NIGHTFOX VTIGS night vision training system based on our advanced VISIM Image Generator. Find us at Booth 811. You can book your NV training spot through the European Rotors website now. When we talk about state-of-the-art pilot training, we have full confidence in the […]

Congratulations to our valued partner Aechelon Technology. We’re delighted to be part of this journey with our P10 projector. 

Aechelon Technology Inc. announced today that the U.S. Mobility Air Force and ADS Inc. have executed an initial order for three (3) operational flight training devices and two (2) boom operator training devices for upgrade to the Common Database and Visual System Solution for MAF. This upgrade includes new Image and Radar Data Generation Systems, […]

Visuals Attraction empowers education at Sharjah Science Museum’s planetarium with high-end projectors from Norxe.

Case study The Sharjah Science Museum has long been a beacon of education and innovation in the Middle East, providing a space for both students and the public to explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). In 2022 Visual Attraction upgraded the 7-meter tilted dome theater with the very latest technologies. […]

Norxe and Ansible Motion: A shared vision in driving simulation

In the world of automotive innovation, the race to develop safer and more efficient vehicles is relentless. To stay ahead, automotive companies are increasingly turning to advanced simulation tools to evaluate their products before they hit the road. Ansible Motion, a leading provider of Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulation solutions, has emerged as a game-changer in this […]

Ansible Motion DIL simulator cross-product compatibility

Learn how static and dynamic Ansible Motion Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulator products work together seamlessly to support vehicle product development workflows.

Rheinmetall’s Advanced Nautical Simulator with cutting-edge projector technology from Norxe

Rheinmetall’s ship handling simulation product line, the “Advanced Nautical Simulator” (ANS), is recognized as one of the most advanced and comprehensive simulators available. By incorporating Norxe’s high-quality projectors, particularly the Norxe P2, Rheinmetall creates immersive and realistic training environments for ship bridge simulators. The advanced technology of the P2 projector delivers crystal-clear images with vibrant […]

Virtual Production with Nerdforge & William Faucher and P2

Virtual Production is a method used in the film and entertainment industry to create digital environments and effects. It involves the use of advanced technology such as virtual cameras, motion capture systems, and virtual sets to integrate real actors and objects with digital elements. In the film, we can see how Vjus combines knowledge, skills, […]