Norxe projectors have exceptional performance capabilities – a requirement for our automotive Driver-in-the-Loop simulators. But it goes beyond that. Norxe products have proven themselves to be extremely reliable in the field, and we have enjoyed excellent customer and technical support from Norxe across numerous projects.

– Ian Haigh, Team Lead | Sales, Ansible Motion Ltd.

Of all cues experienced in a simulator, the visual aspect is usually the most important. We are delighted with how the Cruden Panthera Unity rendering gets the most out of the Norxe projectors. Ever since we partnered with Norxe, we have enjoyed the collaboration. The projector performance and reliability is incredibly impressive, as is the Norxe technical and sales support.

– Cruden B.V.

Norxe is a natural partner for Scalable given our mutual history of performance driven engineering with a focus on the simulation & training market. Norxe projectors represent state of the art for low maintenance and high performance projectors, combined with Scalable software, mutual clients enjoy the highest accuracy on-screen with the lowest operational maintenance of any technology available in the market today.

– James Pietsch, Director, Scalable Display Technologies

The collaboration between us and the Norxe teams has always been excellent! Their expertise in the field combined to the solid relationship makes them a great partner to work with.

– ST Engineering Antycip

Norxe projectors have played a big role in our company’s success. Not only are the projectors well-engineered, but the company also provides excellent support on all their projectors in the field.

– R.P. Higgins | Electric Picture Display Systems

Norxe simulation projectors were selected by Aero Simulation for some very complex Government DOD pilot training programs, as a result of their state of the art performance and low life cycle cost. Moreover, Norxe customer support has proven to be second to none.

– Vlad Argintaru, Staff Engineer | Aero Simulation

Norxe has been an invaluable technology partner for Cobra Simulation. Their commitment to excellence shines through in both their exceptional products and outstanding customer service. As we harness the power of their latest projector technology, we are proud to share our positive experience working with Norxe. Thank you for being an integral part of our success!

– Alexander Bradley – Managing Director  | Cobra Simulation

3D perception

3D perception provides seamless, immersive simulation visual display systems for land, sea, air, and space applications.

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Aechelon Technology, Inc.

A leading US provider of 3D real-time visual simulation image generators, large-scale geo-specific visual and sensor multi-spectral databases (Peta-byte scale), and integration services for the US Government, US Allied Forces, and Government Prime Contractors, and International customers.

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Aero Simulation, Inc.

Leaders in cutting-edge training solutions serving the U.S. military.

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For four decades, AMST has been offering its customers outstanding solutions in the fields of simulation and aerospace medicine.

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Ansible Motion

Provider of high-fidelity Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulation tools for automotive product development.

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Avion builds and operates Level D Full Flight Simulators. Their unique integrated design enables easy installation and operation, allowing the simulator to function as a sustainable plug-and-play device that can be used anywhere in the world.

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Cobra Simulation

Cobra Simulation Limited is a forward-thinking company at the forefront of simulation technology. With a focus on creating immersive training environments, they cater to a diverse clientele across industries. Their expertise lies in developing cutting-edge immersive solutions that enhance learning outcomes and skill acquisition.

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Cruden B.V.

Simulator system integrator for engineering and training applications in the automotive, autosport and defense markets.

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Curved Displays

Curved Displays design and deliver high-performance display systems.. We have decades of experience with large scale displays involving 360 degrees and 20 projectors, down to 2 projector immersive experience. Contact us to assure your next project is a success!

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Cyviz is a global technology provider for comprehensive conference and control rooms as well as command and experience centers. Since 1998, we have created next level collaboration spaces, assuring inclusive meeting experiences for in person and remote attendance.

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Electric Picture Display Systems

Electric Picture Display Systems (EPDS) celebrates its 20th year in business, providing world-class visual display systems for simulators of all types.

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FSI Defense

FSI Defense, a FlightSafety International company

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GCCD is a provider of complete and customized control center solutions. We deliver a new generation of control rooms, with innovative solutions and state-of-the-art products.

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Aircraft are designed at GROB by highly trained and experienced aeronautical engineers using state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems.

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For real immersion the visual display system must have perfectly matched projection geometry and color as well as a homogeneous picture quality, let project syntropy GmbH provide that for you.

Image: Reiser Simulation and Training

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Rheinmetall is a leading international systems supplier in the defence industry and at the same time a driver of forward-looking technological and industrial innovations in the civilian markets.

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RSi Visuals 

RSi Visuals is the leading independent provider of Level D visual systems for pilot training. Offering turnkey solutions for both new and legacy simulators, RSi’s family of Epic Visual Display System products combine state-of-the-art image generation, optical display and projection technologies for fixed-wing and rotary-wing applications in both the commercial & military markets.

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Scalable Display Technologies

Scalable Display Technologies: Where precision meets innovation. Our patented automatic camera-calibration software redefines the standards for display systems, particularly in simulation and training. Experience unmatched accuracy and efficiency with our cutting-edge technology, ensuring your displays are flawless every time.

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Sky-Skan has installed hundreds of fulldome digital systems in museums, universities, and schools around the world.

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ST Engineering Antycip

ST Engineering deliver bespoke projects using the most advanced technologies. Enabling customers in various sectors to be better prepared today, ready for the challenges of tomorrow!

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VIOSO is a manufacturer of auto-alignment software called VIOSO 6 SIM, which provides reliable, efficient, and high-quality setup for multi-projector projects.

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Visuals attraction LLC

Visuals Attraction, are experts in the design, delivery, and commissioning of truly unique immersive projects. From project master-planning to the opening of venues and facilities, and beyond. 

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VJUS is an innovative film production company in Norway. They create engaging content for companies all over the world for all digital surfaces. 

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