VIOSO is a manufacturer of auto-alignment software called VIOSO 6 SIM, which provides reliable, efficient, and high-quality setup for multi-projector projects.

Founded in 2007, VIOSO has developed impressive capabilities in the field of simulation. The company’s projector auto-alignment technology is specifically designed for complex simulation setups, allowing for precise calibration and alignment of multiple projectors onto curved or irregularly shaped surfaces to create immersive simulation environments.

VIOSO’s projector auto-alignment technology supports both single and multiple cameras, ensuring accurate and consistent simulations. This feature is particularly important in fields such as automotive design where precise simulations are necessary to test and validate new designs.

The company’s simulation capabilities also stand out for their integration with over 50 simulation software packages, allowing users to incorporate VIOSO’s technology into existing simulation workflows easily. This streamlines the simulation setup process and reduces the risk of errors or inaccuracies.

In addition, VIOSO’s simulation technology supports Norxe P50 and P60 projectors, designed for simulation and training applications, offering high brightness and resolution for clear, detailed, and accurate simulations.

VIOSO provides software, service, and IG solutions for the simulation market and is proud to partner with Norxe.

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