RSi Visual Systems choose Norxe

Norxe is pleased to announce that Cardiff Aviation Training Ltd. is now using our P1 projector following their upgrade to a new Epic Visual System from RSi Visual Systems Inc.

Cardiff Aviation Training selected RSi Visuals to modernize their B747-400 full flight simulator at their training facility in Cardiff, Wales; successfully upgrading a legacy Evans and Sutherland visual. The new Epic Visual System includes a 3 channel RS100 image generation system which delivers over 2 million polygons and 250,000 light points per channel.

Trevor Ward, at Cardiff Aviation Training Ltd. comments “CATL selected a RSi visual solution based on RSi’s reputation for delivering market leading visual systems and their ability to meet our technical and very tight schedule requirements.”

The projection system comprises of 3 Norxe P1 WQXGA projectors in conjunction with RSi’s Epic Blend optical edge blend system. The P1 projector features new generation LED technology delivering incredibly vibrant and saturated images and 4.1 million pixels per channel. Although initial system light output was measured at 25fL, this was tuned down to a perfect 7.3fL to fully optimize the visual system.

Designed specifically for simulation and training the P1 projector provides outstanding image quality, long life and low maintenance.

Utilising a new generation LED light-source eliminates the need for moving parts within the illumination engine. Hence the P1 is ‘True Solid State’ and brightness is now significantly increased compared to earlier LED driven projectors on the market.

The P1 has been carefully designed with regards to heat and dirt management creating an incredibly stable projector. LED’s provide a vibrant and stable light source with regards to both light output and colour shift. The optical engine and imaging device of the P1 are sealed to the environment to prevent the impregnation of dirt and eliminate the need for periodic cleaning of the optics.

The Texas Instruments DMD and the new generation solid-state illumination both have a typical lifetime of greater than 100,000 hours. The only serviceable item in the projector is a single fan cartridge with a 50,000-hour replacement interval.

Our custom projection lenses offer the highest image quality in a compact format with precision adjustments. The projection lenses are custom designed by Norxe to our strictest specifications and are manufactured to achieve an extremely high optical resolution and ANSI contrast for clear and sharp pixels and virtually no distortion. Indexed stepper-motor control is used for zoom, focus, iris and horizontal/vertical shift giving incredibly fine adjustment.

Craig Philips, CTO at RSi Visual Systems Inc. comments “The P1 was selected for this visual system because with its new generation LED technology, we are able to achieve excellent brightness levels while maintaining outstanding black levels during night scenes with the stepper motor iris system.”

About Cardiff Aviation Training Ltd.

Cardiff Aviation Training Limited (CATL), part of the Cardiff Aviation Group, is a Flight Training and Simulator Services business based at Cardiff International Airport in the Vale of Glamorgan. Initially established in April 2013 at Bournemouth Airport, CATL relocated to their current Training Centre later that year, opening for business at Cardiff in March 2014. CATL offer products in three key areas, Flight Training, Simulator Hire and Simulator Services.

About RSi Visual Systems

RSi Visual Systems is the leading independent provider of Level D visuals and is committed to delivering the most innovative and cost-effective solutions with the best customer support in the industry. RSi has delivered hundreds of FAA Level D certified systems worldwide and works with the industry’s top simulator manufacturers on both commercial and military systems. Offering turnkey solutions for new and legacy simulators alike, RSi’s line of Epic Visual System products includes an extensive airport library paired with state of the art image generation and projection systems as well as display systems for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing applications.