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We are proud to announce that the Artillery Academy of Segovia (Academia de Artillería de Segovia) have successfully upgraded their visual system of the Field Artillery Simulator (SIMACA) using our P1 projectors. The upgrade was carried out by Spanish company Tecnobit of the Oesía Group, with Ingevideo providing consulting and support. In addition to Norxe’s projectors, an auto-calibration and configuration system from Vioso has also been incorporated.

Tecnobit, who provides maintenance to the artillery simulator, has emphasized the importance of the projection system upgrade for the observation rooms, which will allow for enhanced training for the Artillery Observers.

Latest-generation LED projectors specifically designed for simulation and training were utilized. The projectors offer high resolution (2560 x 1600), and greater brightness and reliability, drastically reducing the need for maintenance and reducing the downtime incidence experienced in this type of training system. With the addition of Vioso auto-calibration integrated at system level, consistent warping and blending is always achieved.

With this new system, SIMACA has reduced the number of projectors in each Observation room, while achieving higher resolution. In addition, the system adds an IR light channel that provides the observers with the ability to use night vision goggles (NVG) and produces realistic night training environments.

The Field Artillery Simulator (SIMACA), developed by Tecnobit, is considered one of the best Artillery Simulators worldwide, as it allows the Artillery Groups and the Academy’s students to exercise both technically and tactically. This constitutes one of the more appropriate tools for instruction and training, by providing, at a low cost, the stimuli of a realistic environment and efficiency in the decision-making process. For this purpose, the system simulates a maneuver zone, providing interaction with both the action of the battle scenario and with the elements and materials used by the different operational positions of an Artillery Group, ultimately allowing the analysis and evaluation of the operations performed.

The newly updated SIMACA will allow the users of the Artillery Units system to observe aerial fires (JFO/JTAC), the acquisition of objectives through remotely-controlled aerial systems (RPAS), the connection of the system with other simulation centers by HLA and the automatic integration of the simulator with the field artillery command and control system TALOS.

About the Artillery Academy of Segovia

The Artillery Academy of Segovia is an academic military institution of Spain founded on May 16, 1764 as Royal Artillery College in the Alcázar de Segovia, in the time of King Carlos III at the initiative of its first director, Felix Gazzola. It is the oldest active military academy in the world.

About Tecnobit

Tecnobit is the engineering division of Grupo Oesía. For more than 40 years, the company has supplied the most advanced developments in tactical communications (Linpro) worldwide; Optronics (thermal cameras Castor and Odin); Encryption (Cifpecom as voice and data encryption and the Akkadian digital key processor); Vision Computing (air navigation displays for Spanish F-18 and IRST infrared systems) and Simulation (Simaca and Simaf).