Captivating brightness and vivid colors
Our solution harnesses cutting-edge RGB laser illumination technology, delivering breathtaking brightness and vibrant colors that immerse riders in a world of wonder. Norxe P2 is using Infitec’s 6P color separation (different wavelength lasers on primaries in left and right channel) to maximize color performance and minimize the loss of light.

Rugged design for motion-based applications
The Norxe P2 is designed and certified for motion-based applications. Take themed entertainment to new levels with stunning visuals on motion platforms. P2 is certified for up to 3G.

Unprecedented visual quality
With a powerful 5000 lumens of 3D stereoscopy, these single chip DLP projectors ensure every moment on the ride is a visual masterpiece. Infitec 3D Technology does not require a silver screen or any other special screens. With Infitec 3D Technology, any regular white screen can be used with no loss of 3D quality. Also curved screens are no problem with Infitec technology.

Hassle-free operation and cost efficiency
Benefit from true solid-state laser illumination, eliminating downtime for lamp changes and the need for replaceable parts, resulting in cost savings and peace of mind.

Lifelike color reproduction
Achieving an impressive color gamut, our solution brings amusement park visuals to life with stunning realism and depth.

Effortless installation
Compact design. Motorized high-quality lenses. P7 color calibration. The P2 is designed for multi-channel applications, with optimal tools and features for alignment and color matching.

Minimal maintenance, maximum enjoyment
Amusement park operators can enjoy low-frequency maintenance, with the projector offering up to 20,000 hours of worry-free operation.

Flexibility and cost savings
Interchangeable lenses and compatibility with third party lenses provide flexibility and cost-effective solutions for amusement park installations.


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