High resolutions Lenses

N series lens options are designed specifically for the Norxe Projectors.

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Lens options are future proofed. Each has been designed to resolve 5.4 micron pixel pitch resolution to ensure compatibility with the 4K DLP Chip.

Lens options comprise all glass, aspherical, no doublet optical elements & include ‘lens lock’ technology.

The ‘lens lock’ feature allows the end user to physically lock the lens to the projector body, lock the lens adjustment rings into position and lock the lens body to 3rd party supporting clamps for additional rigidity in extreme circumstances.
Scheimpflug adjustment is a standard feature.

Lens Shift Generator

Projector lens shift enables the customer to move the image on the screen vertically and/or horizontally by moving the projector lens relative to the projector imager (DMD). Maximum lens offset relative to the optical axis depends on the lens type and native image resolution.

Lens Shift



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