Introducing NXL light source technology

Since 2017 HLD (color spark™) technology has been driving the green color component of our P1 and P1+ projectors. This technology enabled us to manufacture the brightest HLD/LED projectors that the world had seen.

The developers of HLD, Signify (formerly Philips’s lightning), announced in 2019 the end of life of the HLD light source. Norxe engineers took the challenge and started the development of a replacement light source. The light source would deliver equivalent or better lifetime, brightness and colors as HLD. It would also fit seamlessly within the P1’s mechanical and optical form factor.

2 years later Norxe have developed and validated our NXL light source technology. NXL passed accelerated long-term testing with remarkable results. The NXL™ technology is born and Norxe are now shipping P1+ products with this new light source. NXL is also used in the new 4K Native products P50 and P60.

NXL Key factors and benefits compared to HLD

  • The NXL light source is fully solid state without any moving parts or colour wheels.
  • HLD and NXL produce the same raw color coordinates and intensity. Products with HLD and NXL can be combined and used in the same multi-channel setup (Form, Fit & Function)
  • NXL power consumption is 40% lower than for HLD.
  • Lifetime maintenance for NXL is 10% better than HLD when measured after 50 000 hours.
  • NXL offers brightness scalability compared to HLD allowing for brighter NXL modules or multiple NXL modules driving brighter projectors.
  • The reflected green wavelength from the static phosphor is broad banded and suitable for both front and rear projection applications.

Within the NXL module multiple blue laser diodes illuminate green phosphor. This laser light excites the phosphor which in turns emits green light. This light is collected and exits the NXL module via lenses that focus it into useable light for our optical engine.

The phosphor layer is just a few hundred micrometers thick and assembled on a base plate which is uniformly cooled using solid state cooling techniques. A carefully designed maintenace free, solid state cooling system gives us several advantages over liquid cooled systems.

NXL technology either equals or surpasses all the specifications of HLD and is a future proof light source already in mass production at our manufacturing facility in Fredrikstad, Norway.