Making excellence easy

Unify™ from Norxe is designed to deliver a combination of unsurpassed performance combined with truly simplified ease of use.

Unify unites all the necessary processing, protocols and tools to fully utilize our fleet of projectors. At its core sits Unify Electronic with unprecedented bandwidth and stability, including the power to deliver 4K, 6K and 8K content. The Unify Electronics is supported by Unify firmware and software, enabling the user to easily access the many functions available within the projectors.

Unify Desktop

UNIFY Desktop  – the ultimate tool for projector control

Alongside the projector itself, we have developed a stand-alone application for projector installation, control and monitoring. As the name implies it is tailor made for the Norxe fleet of projectors. A perfect match, allowing the installer and/or operator quick, easy and hassle-free access to all projectors connected to a network. Unify Desktop features automatic detection of projectors on a network. It is operated via a contemporary user interface which is easy to use.

Unify Desktop is compatible with all projectors with Unify electronics and allows access to a multitude of features used for installation, control and monitoring of any number of projectors. This includes lens motors for physical alignment, test images for multi-channel alignment (custom test-images can be uploaded if desired), semi-automated P7 color matching, uploading of files for warp and blend and much more.

Commands and macros can be customized to suit every installation and bulk operations on multiple projectors is possible.

UNIFY Web  – control via tablets and smart-phones

UNIFY WEB is fully compatible with most web browsers whether on PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet, Unify Web gives you immediate access to any projector on the network via a web interface. Unify Web is intended for use with one projector at the time. All you need is the projector’s IP address.

UNIFY ™ Electronics – the driving force in our projector fleet

In 2022 Norxe introduced the P50 4K, the first and currently only 1DLP 4K native projector for the professional market. The power and digital bandwidth needed to drive a native 4K display (4096×2176 pixels) required us to develop a brand-new Unify Electronics platform. The Unify Electronics is now being implemented on both current and future Norxe products, comprising a full range of solid state illuminated projectors capable of high speed and high-resolution signals.

All Norxe projectors driven by the UNIFY Electronics platform come equipped with embedded warp & blend, P7 color matching, support for JSON RPC command protocol and a full set of features required from a high-end projector built for the professional market.

Norxe projectors built on the UNIFY platform all use the same API for command, making it a simple task to expand or replace systems.

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