Norxe Limited Warranty

Norxe provides projectors for some of the toughest projection challenges, and the Warranty is made to provide total peace of mind. Products are built to order at our Headquarters facility in Fredrikstad to ensure the highest standards of image quality, performance and reliability.

  • Highest standards of image quality
  • Long Life; Low Maintenance
  • True Solid-State
  • Reliability and Performance, 24/7 
  • Superior Picture Quality over time

Minimizing operational downtime due to product failure is a prerequisite in today’s busy workplace. Norxe Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty and Extended Limited Warranty programs provide total peace of mind, by giving you the confidence that your display system will be up and running when you need it most.

Norxe projectors are designed and manufactured at its Headquarters in Fredrikstad, Norway. Each projector is hand built and tested to exacting standards in order that high quality standards are consistently maintained. Manufacturing in this way means that designers are close by, both to transfer knowledge and to assist when necessary.    


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