Meet us at I/ITSEC – the world’s largest modeling, simulation training event. The Training, Simulation and Modeling Industry, providing the very best of Training Equipment and Simulation Technologies for forces are represented at this years I/ITSEC.

Norxe is proud to exhibit its new 4K technology for the MS&T Industry and will therefore be at this years I/ITSEC event. Drop by and see our P-series projectors. Now including the world’s first 1 chip DLP 4K native resolution projectors, the models P50 & P60 with on board Warp & Blend and support for 240Hz.

We are located at booth #2314. Read more about our P1+, P2, P50 and P60 under “Products”

Read more about the fair on the I/ITSEC website

I/ITSEC Product brochure: