Technology is the ever-evolving fusion of knowledge, tools and innovation, shaping our world and enabling us to solve problems, connect with one another and propel human progress into uncharted realms.

Have you ever wondered how tiny pixels and mirrors can create larger-than-life images, revolutionizing everything from home theaters to business presentations? Projection technology holds the secret to this mesmerizing visual magic.

This is a space that aims to make complex technology more understandable and accessible to a broad audience.


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What is DLP® (Digital Light Processing)?

What is a DLP Projector? DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. DLP projectors beam light through a color wheel, reflection mirrors, then finally a lens. Developed by Texas Instruments®, the DLP chip, aka digital micromirror device (DMD), differentiates DLP from LCD projectors.

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Why does speckle occur ?

Speckle is visible noise within a projected image. Speckle occurs when a rough surface (optical component or projection screen) is illuminated by coherent light. It is present in all illumination sources and is best described as a shimmering or sparkle effect. Speckle severity can vary depending upon illumination source, optical architecture, projection screen and viewer perception.

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