Cruden B.V.

With 150 simulator installations completed since 2004, Cruden is a highly experienced supplier and system integrator of human- and hardware-in-the-loop simulators. Cruden’s robust simulation ecosystem incorporates the company’s Panthera software framework and is managed by the Cruden Panthera Core Box tool, which integrates the tools and hardware typically used by Cruden’s customers in both engineering and training applications.

In addition to its own range of standard simulator packages, Cruden delivers turnkey projects, integrating the best-suited components from leading industry suppliers according to its customers’ requirements, company standards and/or budget constraints. The company’s modular and tightly integrated approach allows for flexibility and simplicity, without performance setback, or vendor lock-in that can impede further enhancements and database upgrades.

Of all cues experienced in a simulator, the visual aspect is usually the most important. We are delighted with how the Cruden Panthera Unity rendering gets the most out of the Norxe projectors. Ever since we partnered with Norxe, we have enjoyed the collaboration. The projector performance and reliability is incredibly impressive, as is the Norxe technical and sales support.

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