At Visuals Attraction, we are experts in the design, delivery, and commissioning of truly unique immersive projects

From project master-planning to the opening of venues and facilities, and beyond. Our team will walk every step of the project with you. As we are based in Dubai, with many years of local experience, we fully understand the value of exceptional ongoing maintenance and support for the GCC Region.

Beautiful technology design, quality and innovation

Every immersive experience is unique – created for its audience engagement and customised to its surroundings, its audience profile, and its objectives.

We start each project by listening to your ambitions, needs and expectations.

We consider the institutional and cultural requirements of the project – as well as universal factors such as capacity, comfort, and the experience as a whole. All of these factors will influence and shape the overall design and chosen immersive technologies.

Project envisioning, master planning, commissioning and extensive aftercare and support from our certified engineers is all part of our professional services.

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