Dallara chooses Norxe for simulator upgrades in Italy and USA

Norxe is pleased to announce that Dallara has chosen the Norxe P1 WQXGA projector for their high performance driving simulator upgrades in Varano, Italy and Indianapolis, USA.

Both simulators provide engineers, teams and drivers with an opportunity to test and develop the whole car setup and data analysis systems, to optimize driving skills and to learn new tracks. Drivers drive the same monocoque used on track, with the same controls (pedals, brakes, dashboard) and the same level of feedback (steering and brake effort). Wearing of full racing attire including a helmet is mandatory!

High accuracy laser scanning and data processing ensures that every track detail is captured. Combining this with a sophisticated multi-body model ensures replication of real car behaviour with unprecedented accuracy. Drivers have the opportunity to learn not only the speed at which they must take a curve, but also to understand every other aspect of the track.

All Dallara cars are available for simulation, ranging from Formula 3 to IndyCar. There are currently over 30 tracks available and this number is steadily increasing. View the simulator in action here.

Filippo Ramaciotti, Simulator System Integrator at Dallara comments “The Norxe P1 projectors display high resolution (WQXGA), high frame rate (120 Hz) images. Use of new generation LED technology ensures that images are bright, colour accurate and consistently stable. The projectors enhance the simulation experience which is vastly improved as a result.” He adds “The projectors are certified for 24/7 operation and require very little maintenance (first service interval is at 50,000 hours). This is important to Dallara because we are an open driving simulator centre available to different professional teams and drivers.”

“We began discussions with Norxe prior to the P1 projector entering mass production. Collaboration was easy due to the great relationship between ourselves and Norxe. We were subsequently able to request implementation of specific features relevant to the Dallara simulators. These were developed and initiated by the Norxe team in a fast and positive way” says Francesco Bacchieri, R&D Engineer at Dallara.

Visual system design and installation was provided by project: syntropy commissioned using ProjectionTools Autocalibration from domeprojection.com. All customised details are designed and manufactured at their in-house workshop. An example of which is the lens mount (photograph above) specifically designed to fit the P1 projectors used in the Dallara simulators. This is to ensure lens stability under the extreme forces generated when the system is in motion.

About project: syntropy GmbH.

project: syntropy GmbH is a system integrator, with headquarters in Magdeburg, Germany, who designs and delivers turnkey visual display solutions for both simulation and training and themed entertainment markets. Offering scalable immersive projection systems and dedicated soft and hardware solutions of the highest standards. Our technologies and products have been implemented in over 100 prestigious installations worldwide: from Europe, Scandinavia, and Middle East to Asia and the USA.

Seamless multichannel projection covering the whole field of view is perfectly suited to immerse viewers in a virtual environment. It is widely used in many different markets and application areas. For real immersion the visual display system must have perfectly matched projection geometry and color as well as a homogeneous picture quality.

About Dallara.

Dallara was founded by its current president, Giampaolo Dallara in 1972. After working for Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, and De Tomaso, Dallara wanted to continue pursuing his dream of working in the world of racecars. He established “Dallara Automobili da Competizione” in his hometown of Varano de Melegari, Parma.

Since its establishment, Dallara has become world renowned for its specialty in designing, manufacturing, and developing racecars. The company’s success can be credited to its achievements in Formula 3, first in Italy then around the world, its acclaim with American IndyCars, its consultancy for major manufacturers, and its continued focus on technology and innovation. Dallara prides itself in searching for the highest standards of quality, performance, safety, and customer support.

Dallara’s core competencies include: design using carbon fiber composite materials, aerodynamics by means of wind tunnel and CFD, vehicle dynamics through simulations and testing, and the fast and flexible production of high quality prototypes.

Every weekend, approximately 300 Dallara cars run on tracks around the world in various formulas. The company is present in all Formula 3 championships, and is the sole supplier of cars for IndyCar c, Indy Lights, GP2, GP3, Formula 3.5 V8, Super Formula and Renault Sport Trophy. Dallara also makes cars for instructional leagues such as the Formulino, for the Formula E championship, for WEC, ELMS and IMSA.

In recent years, the engineering activities have expanded, both for racecars and for high-performance road cars. Dallara provides consultancy services to some of the world’s most important international car companies including Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, KTM, Lamborghini, Maserati and many others that cannot be mentioned due to confidentiality agreements.