Norxe selected for Stellarium Erkrath upgrade

Norxe are proud to announce that Sky-Skan Europe GmbH has chosen the P1 WQXGA projector for the Stellarium Erkrath upgrade. Over the coming months Sky-Skan Europe will integrate five P1 WQXGA projectors each using the Norxe N1 lens ensuring a state-of-the-art finished solution.

Glenn Smith, Managing Director of Sky-Skan Europe GmbH Seeshaupt Germany comments,

“We’ve been quite impressed from the very beginning with Norxe and the P1 projector. Of the many areas where it excels, the projectors’ amazing picture quality, along with stability and almost maintenance free nature made it stand out from the crowd. A truly solid-state light source and a 50,000 hour service interval make it a winner.”

Always ahead of their time and innovative, the Stellarium Erkrath was the first unidirectional planetarium in Germany (1980) and probably Europe.

Its special design consists of a 10m 200 degree dome screen, tilted forward 10 degrees creating a unique immersive experience which was almost unheard of at the time.

It was also the first planetarium in Germany not outfitted with a domestic star projector, as the special theatre design required a unique star projector to fill the larger than 180 degree tilted dome.

In 2008 they again were one of the first German planetariums to go digital. Now 10 years later they take the next step forward upgrading to Norxe’s state-of-the-art LED Illumination technology.  Resolution of the system is also being increased over 50% from 8 million to app. 12 million pixels!

About Sky-Skan

For over 50 years Sky-Skan has been serving the global planetarium community. We design and install the world’s top fulldome planetariums and visualization theaters. Our products and services range from Definiti digital fulldome theater systems and related hardware and software, to fulldome content, project management, along with theater and exhibit design for Planetariums, Science Centers and EXPOs world-wide.
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About Stellarium Erkrath

The “Stellarium Erkrath” – the planetarium of the observatory Neanderhöhe Hochdahl e.V. – has been a popular attraction for visitors of all ages since 1980. The Planetarium has always stood for innovative content and is a cultural figurehead for the city of Erkrath and the district of Mettmann. Read more about Stellarium Erkrath