Norxe Welcomes the P2 to the Family

Norxe is very pleased to announce that our new projector platform will be shown this year at IITSEC in Orlando, Florida.

Boasting 5000 pure RGB Lumens from a truly solid state light source the P2 delivers unmatched performance in a remarkably compact design.

At I/ITSEC last year within our whisper suite we showed a prototype projector to our trusted partners. The prototype used a unique light-source design that enabled us to deliver twice the light output of our P1 which was already the brightest LED projector available on the market. Feedback was invited, taken on-board and consequently this year at I/ITSEC we will be showcasing the P2 projector platform.

More will be revealed at I/ITSEC regarding the exact specifications of the P2 however the headline specifications are;

Brightness – 5000 RGB Lumens

Imaging Device – Single Chip Hermetically Sealed WQXGA DMD

Dimensions – 505 x 241 x 500 mm (W/H/D)

Weight – 21Kg

Lenses – The P2 uses our existing N1 and N2 lenses

Designed specifically for simulation and training the P2 projector provides outstanding image quality, long life and low maintenance.

Utilising a new Patent Pending light-source eliminates the need for moving parts within the illumination engine. Hence the P2 is ‘True Solid State’ and brightness is now significantly higher than other compact solid state light source projectors on the market.

The P2 has been carefully designed with regards to heat and dirt management creating an incredibly stable projector. Our new Patent Pending light-source provides incredible colour saturation and stability with regards to both light output and colour shift. The optical engine and imaging device of the P2 are sealed to the environment to prevent the impregnation of dirt and eliminate the need for periodic cleaning of the optics. The only serviceable item in the projector is a single fan cartridge with a 50,000-hour replacement interval.

Our custom projection lenses offer the highest image quality in a compact format with precision adjustments. The projection lenses are custom designed by Norxe to our strictest specifications and are manufactured to achieve an extremely high optical resolution and ANSI contrast for clear and sharp pixels and virtually no distortion. Indexed stepper-motor control is used for zoom, focus, iris and horizontal/vertical shift giving incredibly fine adjustment.

Kjell Einar Olsen, CEO and co-founder of Norxe AS. comments “We’re incredibly proud to follow up the success of the P1 with a new projector incorporating combinations of technology not seen before in the market. The whole Norxe team have worked damn hard designing and innovating a beautiful projector built around the strict requirements of our partners. The P2 shows the natural progression from the P1, not a replacement, simply a superb addition that gives our partners more choice when specifying a Norxe projector within a system.”

Come and see us at IITSEC – Booth # 2729