The Norxe N3 (SuperWide) lens is now available for order and shipment

N series lens options are designed specifically for the P1, P1+ and P2 projectors.
Lens Part Number, Description & Throw Ratio:

Focus, zoom (where applicable) & Iris on all lens options is motorized. Stepper motors are used throughout to ensure high degree positional accuracy.

Lens Shift Parameters:

Lens Shift values provided assume 50% is on axis, that 100% Lens Shift equals half of image height / width.

Lens Optical Performance Characteristics:

Lens Length & Weight:

Additional Information:

Lens options are future proofed. Each has been designed to resolve 5.4-micron pixel pitch to ensure compatibility with the next generation native resolution 4K DLP Chip.

Lens options comprise all glass, aspherical, no doublet optical elements & include ‘lens lock’ technology. The ‘lens lock’ feature allows the end user to physically lock the lens to the projector body, lock the lens adjustment rings into position and lock the lens body to 3rd party supporting clamps for additional rigidity in extreme circumstances.

Scheimpflug adjustment is a standard feature.

About Norxe

Located in Fredrikstad, Norway, Norxe designs, manufactures, and markets unique projectors for demanding applications. Norxe combines in-house engineering expertise in optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. Projectors are built for performance and quality to provide real solid-state day and night vision to exacting standards.