Visuals Attraction empowers education at Sharjah Science Museum’s planetarium with high-end projectors from Norxe.

Case study

The Sharjah Science Museum has long been a beacon of education and innovation in the Middle East, providing a space for both students and the public to explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). In 2022 Visual Attraction upgraded the 7-meter tilted dome theater with the very latest technologies. The visual display upgrade uses a Norxe P2 4K UHD 5,000 RGB ANSI lumen single-chip DLP® projector.

Visuals Attraction’s mission was clear – Enhance the educational capabilities of the Sharjah Science Museum’s planetarium. Their goal was to create a seamless, immersive display capable of captivating and educating visitors on a wide range of STEAM-based topics utilizing the existing a 7-meter tilted dome. Visuals Attraction took on the challenge of delivering a cutting-edge visual system that could evolve with the educational needs of the region.

Wisam Al Mufti, CEO of Visuals Attraction, emphasized the importance of this project. He highlighted that the fusion of existing applications and custom developments allowed the importation of data sets from diverse sources. This enabled children to delve into subjects like human anatomy, mathematics, 3D models, and astronomy amongst others within the breathtaking immersive environment specifically designed for schools and teaching groups.

Visuals Attraction introduced a state-of-the-art full dome immersive video playback system, complete with upgraded theater audio and lighting. Visuals Attraction worked closely with Norxe in a custom projection and video pipeline solution approach to ensure the highest quality results data and video wise onto the full dome screen.

At the heart of Visuals Attraction’s Falak Bright model system is a Norxe P2 4K UHD projector, which provides high resolution, high lumen, highly saturated imagery. This single-channel projection system, equipped with a fish-eye lens, not only provides a realistic visual experience, but it is also highly cost-effective to maintain due to its fully sealed optical architecture and use of true solid-state illumination technology.

One of the most important reasons for choosing Norxe as a supplier was, in addition to the razor-sharp projection, the supplier with the market’s best support, both during setup and in use. Norxe provide a 5-year warranty as a standard on all of their products, possible to increase up to 10 years.

Craig Maddock, co-founder at Norxe, brings several decades of experience in projection for museums, amusement parks, and the training and simulation industry.  He says “this installation provides an impressive experience. Norxe is delighted to be involved in attractions which enable education for broader audiences”. Maddock has known Al Mufti for 14 years and has been working closely with Visuals Attraction for the past 3 years. He describes Visuals Attraction as a highly capable and professional partner who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the region.

The collaboration between Visuals Attraction and the Sharjah Science Museum, powered by Norxe projectors, has set a benchmark for STEAM education. The immersive, interactive, and visually stunning experiences offered by this planetarium have opened up new possibilities for education in the Middle East. This case study highlights the transformative power of cutting-edge technology when paired with a passionate commitment to education.

Author: Wisam Al Mufi, Visual Attraction and Elisabeth A. Smelror, Norxe